Thursday, 11 February 2016

Soft and romantic valentines day look plus two lips

Hi guys welcome back so today im going to be showing you this nice soft valentines day look, and also his doesn't have to be just for valentines day, you can wear this look on a night out or just during the day when you're out and about or whatever!! so lets jump in...

ok so first things first you all know I primed my face (duh) using the rimmel London lasting finish primer, then I used my rimmel London match perfection concealer just to cover any redness and breakouts I had. Then moving onto my foundation you know I used my absolute favourite and that is the L'Oreal true match in the colour ivory because I am currently not self tanning, so I just applied the foundation with a flat foundation brush and then to make sure everything was perfect I just blended it out more using a damp beauty blender.

For contouring Im using the "Chisel Cheeks"  contour kit by BarryM and to carve out the contour i just used this beautiful rose gold contouring brush from revolution, im not going to go into great detail about the contour right now because I think i'll just do a whole blog post on how I contour my face, I am self taught like i dont do make up lessons or anything so i am always trying to improve on my techniques for you guys!! And for highlighter i used the revolution cosmetics highlighter in the shade "Golden Lights"

Eyebrows were Maybelline new York browsaitin eye pencil & filling powder in the shade medium brown

Moving onto the eyeshadow i used my naked three palette from urban decay ( couldn't take my own pictures of the palate because I've had it since it first came out so as you can imagine its not looking that cute). So firstly going into the pallet i just picked up the colour "Limit" and i applied that all over my lid, then i applied the colour "Burnout" onto my lower lid, then im taking the colour "Nooner" and applying that onto the outer corners or my crease and then also putting a little under my eye (if you're a regular reader you should know that ill get on you about blending your eyeshadow, but if you are new to my page then im going to tell you right now, BLEND BLEND BLEND the eyeshadow because us people on this page don't like harsh lines!!!)

For eyeliner and mascara you can use anyone you want but for me personally i just used the rimmel London glam eyes liquid liner and the miss sporty studio lash mascara. And the lashes were exclusively for superdrug double volume lashes - edition 40

And finally moving onto the lips... the first lip you can go for is the bright pink look, this is a liquid lipstick from revolution, its called "salvation liquid lacquer) and the colour is called "what i believe"
The second look you can go for is the soft warm brown lip, the first thing i did was apply a mac lip liner in the colour "whirl" and then i used a mac lipstick in the colour "velvet teddy"
(Top tip on how to make your lip colour stay n for longer.. put a bit of toilet paper on top of your lips and apply press powder to the paper using a powder brush, it makes your  lips matte and makes the colour stay on for longer, i know it sounds crazy but just trust me on this!!!)

So that is it for this valentines day look i hope you guys enjoyed and if you don't have a date or a valentine who cares? We don't do our make up for boys anyway!! Do whatever you want on valentines day.. get drunk, go on a romantic date, burn all your ex's stuff... whatever you feel like!!



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