Sunday, 24 January 2016

Vampy Chick /my go - to look lately & quick rant

Hello my favourite bunch welcome back to my page, so todays post is going to be this nice moody vampy chick look as it says in the title above, the reason this look has taken so long to be uploaded is because I actually filmed myself doing this look just so you guys could see exactly what I was doing instead of my going into great detail.. change is good right? So anyway this was my first time filming a video for you guys and I was really excited to branch out into something new however it ended up not working out. I filmed it successfully I edited it successfully ( well you know, as well as I could but it actually came out pretty good for a first timer) so yeah it was all edited and all ready for you all but for some reason I cant get it uploaded onto my computer its just refusing to work so there is no way that I am able to upload it here, I am very disappointed because I was excited to try something new.. I am thinking about starting a youtube channel because I did really enjoy filming the video.. So the youtube idea is just something I am considering right now, let me know what you guys think of that please, you can do this the usual way you guys reach out to me (snapchat, twitter). So yeah that's my little ramble rant over and out of my system and now we can jump straight in.

* Rimmel London lasting finish primer
* Rimmel London match perfection concealer -010 ivory- ive been breaking out recently :(
*L'Oreal true match foundation - "3.R/3.C beige rose" I had to apply this onto my neck as well because I have recently just scrubbed off my fake tan so this shade is a little dark for me. I blended this foundation out using my real techniques stippling brush
* Iconic London cream contour kit (not going to talk about this right now because i'm just trying it out)
*(brows) - Maybelline new York browsaitin eye pencil & filling powder in the shade medium brown
*(shadow) Urban Decays naked basics palette and the colour I used was "naked 2 " its just a smoky colour I've shown you guys it before. I also applied this shadow under my eyes.
* Rimmel London Glam Eyes liquid liner (to draw right across my lid)
* L'Oreal Paris super liner perfect slim ( to draw the wing)
* Miss sporty studio lash instant volume
* False Lashes - exclusively for superdrug double volume lashes - edition 40


So that it is for this look, I felt like it was pretty basic so i didnt go into to much detail, again apologies for the late upload and for all the drama with the video. So yeah thats all thank you so much for reading ad until next time i will talk to you guys soon

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