Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Cute inexpensive mothers day gifts

Hi guys welcome back, so Mother's Day is this Sunday and if you're like me you have a very special lady to spoil. This blog is just going to be a couple gift ideas that are lovely and thoughtful and also very inexpensive. Every shop I purchased from was on the high street ( apart from amazon). I also will mention the prices of everything.

So the first thing I purchased is from Amazon, as you can see its just this cute keepsake heart. I love giving heartfelt gifts I imagine mostly because of how family orientated I am. I thought this gift was perfect because every time my mum looks at it she will be reminded of how much I appreciate her. This gift cost me £6.99.
The second thing I purchased was also from Amazon, I know its a little generic but my mum doesn't have a "special mug" so I thought why the hell not. Plus she does really enjoy a cup of tea. This cost me £3.50
The next thing I got was a shower cream from Lush and its called "Yuzu and Cocoa" and it smells incredible, it has grapefruit in it and I must admit I really do want to eat it. However on the bottle it says it smells like chocolate oranges but I get a sort of coconut scent? I don't know maybe its just me. Anyway this cost me £9.75.
The next thing I picked up from Lush was the Pearl Massage bar, I repurchased this for my mum because she absolutely adored it when I bought it for her the first time! Its basically just moisturiser in a bar instead of in a bottle, it has argon and rose oil in it and the little pink beads on top help boost circulation when you rub it on your skin. This was £6.50.
Now,my mum is absolutely obsessed with my Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay, every time I'm at home and I've brought it with me she always asks me to do her eye make up. This eye shadow palate is from Revolution and is the Naked 3's double, all the shades are identical. And now my mum will have her own eye shadow so she wont steal all of mine. I purchased this from Superdrug and it cost me £4.00.
The final thing I picked up was a pair of PJ's because who doesn't like new jammies? You cant see it clearly in the picture but the top says "wake me at the weekend". This didn't come as  set I had to purchase these items separately, the top was £5 and the shorts were £2.50 and these are both from Primark.
So that is it for this blog, I hope you all enjoyed and I helped give you some idea's on what to get your lovely mums this mothers day. All I need to mention is that I have new codes for so for some ££ off the website just use the codes below :