Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dior samples plus Clarins, Benefit & Victoria's Secret miniature haul

Before we jump right into the video I would just like to say sorry in advance for saying Dior mascara instead of perfume, the bad lighting, all the folders/paperwork in site (college has been hectic recently), my deep manly voice and obviously my nails!!! I am going to get them re-done tomorrow though I promise xxxx

Everything in the video was store bought.
The Dior samples were free but the original price is about £67 for 100ml and yes I know its a men's after shave but it just smells so damn good!!
The pore minimising serum - the one that I have is only 3ml but the bigger 30ml one is available for £27
The gentle day cream, again the one I have is only a little 5ml one but the bigger 50ml one is available for £39
The body treatment oil comes in three different versions - contouring & strengthening, firming & toning and soothing & relaxing. The one I picked up is the firming & toning one and these are available for £40
Victoria's Secret : Noir Tease is available in the store and online ( prices are different in certain places)
                              Everything I said about Noir Tease is the same for the Snow Mint body mist
Benefit: The four benefit presumes are called Gina, Lee Lee, Bella and Noelle. The scents are very floral/fresh and I'm obsessed with the packaging

Monday, 16 November 2015

My tips for clear and healthy skin

I've had my fair share of breakouts over the years especially in my early teens but something I didn't know back when I was 14 was how to control it, so here are my tips for how I control my skin and keep it healthy and clear.

So the first thing to ALWAYS remember to do is take your make - up off every night ( the odd time when you come stumbling in at stupid o'clock after a night out and just crash on your bed is excused but every other time be sure to do it). Having clogged pores is one of the main reasons break outs happen, your skin needs time to breathe.

Secondly make sure you have a good face wash, it can take ages to find a face wash that you actually like, mine is "Coal Face" by Lush cosmetics, I did a lush haul in a previous blog so all the information about this face wash is there. I like this because its made from natural ingredients and it leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated
Thirdly... BUY THIS GUY!!!! I cannot stress enough how good this product is, this little guy is my go to acne treatment. This product is the reason my skin got so clear, after spending like £20/30 on proactive and other expensive treatments all I had to do was to go to Superdrug and pick up this little bottle of magic for like £5. When you use this you get results like the next day. I also did a review on this if you want to check it out its called "my tried and true acne treatment"

Fourthly, always remember to moisturise, if you don't  keep your face hydrated it can break out even more and also all your spots will become dry and they wont disappear from your face no matter how much spot treatment is on them. Plus nobody wants wrinkles right?
And finally make sure you drink water, I'm not going to lecture you and tell you that you must drink 7 glasses a day or else. All I'm saying is try and have a bottle or two a day , I have recently started taking bottles of water with me to lectures (instead of paying £1 for a fizzy drink at the vending machine) and it has had a great affect on my skin, it looks so much brighter and healthier, plus I'm saving some money not going to that vending machine so its a win win really.