Sunday, 24 January 2016

Vampy Chick /my go - to look lately & quick rant

Hello my favourite bunch welcome back to my page, so todays post is going to be this nice moody vampy chick look as it says in the title above, the reason this look has taken so long to be uploaded is because I actually filmed myself doing this look just so you guys could see exactly what I was doing instead of my going into great detail.. change is good right? So anyway this was my first time filming a video for you guys and I was really excited to branch out into something new however it ended up not working out. I filmed it successfully I edited it successfully ( well you know, as well as I could but it actually came out pretty good for a first timer) so yeah it was all edited and all ready for you all but for some reason I cant get it uploaded onto my computer its just refusing to work so there is no way that I am able to upload it here, I am very disappointed because I was excited to try something new.. I am thinking about starting a youtube channel because I did really enjoy filming the video.. So the youtube idea is just something I am considering right now, let me know what you guys think of that please, you can do this the usual way you guys reach out to me (snapchat, twitter). So yeah that's my little ramble rant over and out of my system and now we can jump straight in.

* Rimmel London lasting finish primer
* Rimmel London match perfection concealer -010 ivory- ive been breaking out recently :(
*L'Oreal true match foundation - "3.R/3.C beige rose" I had to apply this onto my neck as well because I have recently just scrubbed off my fake tan so this shade is a little dark for me. I blended this foundation out using my real techniques stippling brush
* Iconic London cream contour kit (not going to talk about this right now because i'm just trying it out)
*(brows) - Maybelline new York browsaitin eye pencil & filling powder in the shade medium brown
*(shadow) Urban Decays naked basics palette and the colour I used was "naked 2 " its just a smoky colour I've shown you guys it before. I also applied this shadow under my eyes.
* Rimmel London Glam Eyes liquid liner (to draw right across my lid)
* L'Oreal Paris super liner perfect slim ( to draw the wing)
* Miss sporty studio lash instant volume
* False Lashes - exclusively for superdrug double volume lashes - edition 40


So that it is for this look, I felt like it was pretty basic so i didnt go into to much detail, again apologies for the late upload and for all the drama with the video. So yeah thats all thank you so much for reading ad until next time i will talk to you guys soon

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Quick blowdry ft. V05

So has anyone been given the gift/curse of having thick hair? If so you understand how frustrating it can be to have all this hair with a mind of its own. Now don't get me wrong I do like the fact I have thick hair, it means that I can do pretty much anything I want to it.. however I would definitely say the worst thing about having thick hair is when you have to blow dry it after you come out of the shower, its so annoying, its so frustrating and its just boring.

But now I have discovered two products that actually made blowdrying less time consuming and have been a real life saver.. especially on those days when you're running late.

So the picture you are seeing above is the two products that I am going to be talking about..

The first one is the V05 nourish my shine bedazzling oil heat protector, I did mention this in my previous blog so im not going to go on about it too much. But all it is, is a heat defence spray that adds shine and also conditions my hair whilst im blowdrying, all I do is I apply this from root to tip onto wet hair

The second product im going to be talking about is also from V05 and this is the smoothly does it heat protect serum and all this does is protect my hair from any heat damage and smoothes out any frizzyness it also adds a nice shine to my hair. I only apply this product onto the ends of my hair after I have sprayed the oil heat protector all over my hair.

I don't know what it is about this combination but both these products have saved me so much time, before using these products my hair would take around 30 minutes to blow dry and that would just make me bored and agitated but now using these two products have literally cut my blowdrying time in half, now my hair only takes around 15mnutes to dry at most. I know for some of you that is still quite a long time but for me anything uder 30 minutes is a blessing. Like I said I don't know how this combination works as they are not advertised to work together to make blowdying easier but for some reason they work amazing together. I cant express to you all enough how amazing these products are by all means go out and buy both of them and see the results for yourself!!

That is it for todays post, thank you so much for reading and to all my fellow thick hair girls be sure to try this combo out for yourself!!!


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What you cant leave in 2015


Hi guys welcome back, so today is January 5th which means we are five days into 2016 I cannot believe how fast the holidays went. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new year, i spent new years eve with two of my favourite people ever and it was really nice to be away from Glasgow and be back in my hometown for a while. So today I am going to be talking about products (and a book) that i was loving in 2015, there's been a trend on twitter recently called #LeaveItIn2015 and i can honestly say that these things that i'm about to talk about definitely cant be left in 2015, you need these items in your life!!! So without further a due lets jump in...
So the first thing i'm going to be talking about is my tried and true foundation which is L'Oreal true match, this is my favourite foundation ever, i am currently wearing the colour "3.R/3.C beige rose" only because right now i am currently wearing fake tan. The thing i love about this foundation is the dewy flawless look it gives you and as you all know i'm a full coverage kind of girl and this foundation is like my holy grail!! There is also a huge colour range so you will 100% be able to find a shade that matches you, i know i've been using the Maybelline super stay 24hr but i do always end up going back to the true match like i just cant help it we are sole mates we are meant to be together!! This foundation is also very in-expensive which is shocking to me considering how good this guy is.
Does anyone else have really tuggy hair when they get out the shower after washing their hair? If so you need this little guy in your life, this is one of those tug teaser brushes and it is honestly such a life saver, i have such thick curly hair naturally so it tends to get all tuggy and out of control and i really don't like ripping half of my hair out of my head with a normal brush, so this guy just glides right through the hair and makes it tug free which equals a happy Chloe, i got mine from Superdrug and this is also very in-expensive.
This is another tried and true for me, this is the L'Oreal advanced correcting serum, i have been using this for a while and i have fallen in love with it!! I apply this onto my skin and neck before i go to sleep and what this does is it helps transform the appearance of skin quality, it evens out your skin tone and really helps to minimise and tighten your pores. I'm not gonna talk to much about this guy because for you guys to understand how it works you're really going to need to try it for yourself, things work differently on different people.
During Christmas i didn't really have the best of luck, i ended up getting a really bad cold the day after boxing day and i wasn't sleeping and i was getting really frustrated and stressed because i wanted to be well for new years eve, due to the lack of sleep i developed really heavy bags and dark circles under my eyes but luckily i picked this miracle worker up in Dundee right before i got ill and he literally saved my life!! This is just an eye roll on from Simple, i don't usually use Simple cosmetics but i'm so glad i purchased this, it wakes up your eyes and gives them a boost to make you look more alive, it feels very nice and cooling and it makes such a difference, i use this morning and night.
I felt like it was time to see what all the fuss is about this Micellar Water trend and now i know why everyone is going crazy for this product. I've heard people say that they will never use make up wipes again after using this stuff and I've been like yeah ok whatever but now i see what everyone's been going on about!! I cannot believe the amount of make up it removes off your face, it makes me wonder how much make up was still left on my face after removing it with a remover wipe, but anyways i really like this product and i feel like i will be keeping it around for a while!!
I am a full blown insomniac, i have always been a late sleeper it is something that i try to take control of, like I've taken tablets and i listen to soft music but if your brain in awake and wondering how the world was created then you're definitely not getting any sleep. My brain is just so active at night and i've always been this way so i try to make myself relax and this bedding spray by Febreze really helps. All you do is spray the Febreze all over your pillows and the scent is just so calming i fall asleep so much easier with this. It comes in two scents- warm milk & honey and lavender, me personally i don't like lavender so i went for the milk and honey, it is really helping me sleep i have been using this for nearly two years and  cant recommend this enough and after just two weeks of using it every night i felt so much more refreshed.
I know this isn't a beauty product but i really felt like i had to give this book a shout out, this little book hold my horoscope for the entire 2016, and before you say "how can you bring this from 2015?" i can do this because the book starts with your horoscope in October 2015. I have always been a really superstitious person, i believe in ghosts i believe in pretty much everything and it is comforting for me in to pick up this book every morning and read about what my day is going to hold.
This is a new find, this is the ocean salt face and body scrub from lush. It is very exfoliating on my face, i love how it makes my skin feel after i've washed it off, its very rough when i'm rubbing it onto my face but it isn't harsh enough to damage my skin (if you know what i mean) and it also smells like a spa. When i'm using it I just think about being at a spa on the beach in some exotic island far far away from Scotland ( a girl can dream right)
 I want to talk about is my new discovery, this is the Revolution cosmetics vivid baked highlighter, I believe there is about three different colours available and the one I picked up was "Golden Nights". I apply this under my eyes just to make them pop, I still use the Rimmel highlighter and concealer under my eyes but now I apply the revolution highlighter on top. I am so happy I found this it has changed my life, the colour is very dewy and shimmery its just everything I need in my life, again this product is very in-expensive which really does shock me considering how amazing it is!!
Moving on to the got 2 b argan oil mist, this stuff really helps tame my frizz and keep it tangle free, i usually spray this on my hair extensions just to keep them healthy and natural looking, now it is a dry oil mist so i suppose it is just like dry shampoo, it really makes a huge difference and it makes me and my hair extensions very happy, again this is in-expensive and it smells amazing!!
 Ok i promise this is the last thing and i'll keep it short and sweet... If your hair takes like 100 years to blow dry then you need to invest in this product, this is the V05 nourish my shine bedazzling oil heat protector. Now i know blow-drying can be a very time consuming process but this spray literally cuts the blow-drying time in half, i don't know how it works but it just does its a real life saver when you have a lot of hair, this product has definitely saved me a lot of time and if you don't believe me go find out for yourself!!
So that is it for my first blog of 2016, thank you so much for reading & I hope 2016 is your best year yet and I'm super excited to see where this year takes me so I can share it will you all!!