Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lush Review..

So as we all know lush has become bigger and bigger as the years have went on. More and more people are investing into the 100% vegetarian handmade products and I am one of them, I can't walk into a lush store without leaving with a bag full of goodies. On Monday I went and treated myself and bought a few new products that I've been curious to try.

The first thing I picked up was the "Tea tree toner tab" which is the image above. The tab is a mix of tea tree and aloe Vera. The tea tree helps combat bacteria that causes spots and the aloe Vera is kind and cooling to the skin. You drop the tab in a bowl of hot water and lean over the bowl allowing the steam and the oils absorb into your pores. Straight after I used this product I noticed differences, but the next morning I saw drastic changes, my skin looked clearer and brighter, it also felt so much more fresh. The woman in the shop also said you can save the water and use it as a toner, that's what I've done and its great as a little pick me up the morning. One tab costs only £1 as its about the size of a £2 coin. Everyone needs this little green delight in their life!!!!!


The second thing I picked up was the " Hottie massage bar"(image above). The massage bar is warming and stimulating. The bar has ginger and black pepper oils. The bar was created to stimulate any knotted or tense areas. Being a student obviously I get stressed out a lot and I tend to get knots in my back and a really tense neck. This massage bar has really helped with these two issues The bumps on the bar feel amazing on my skin and the scent is very relaxing without being too over powering. The bar also has cocoa butter in it which allows the bar to glide over my skin. If you have any muscle pain this is definitely the product for you!!! The hottie massage bar is £5.95 which is a really good price considering it works wonders!!


The next thing I picked up was another massage bar. This one is called the "Pearl" and it is my new obsession. This massage bar is made with antioxidant argan oil and rose oil. The sago bubbles (pink beads on top of the bar) massage the skin and help boost circulation. This bar is £6.50 and literally the best thing I've ever used. The scent is very sweet without being too sickly. I cant even begin to describe how amazing this bar feels, your body heat makes it melt slightly and it leaves behind a silky smooth moisturiser. When I bought this I never knew how obsessed I would become with it, I hate myself for only buying one. I smear my body in this stuff every night before I go to bed, the scent is so calming and it makes me want to eat my own skin, cannot get enough of this bar its definitely the best moisturiser I've ever used I doubt i will ever use anything else ever again. My skin feels amazing, its never looked better.


And finally the last thing I bought was a shampoo bar, I was very curious to try one of these because its very unusual to have a bar of shampoo right? The one I picked up is called "Honey I Washed My Hair" and it was £5.75. To me personally I think it smells like toffee, the bar has orange and bergamot oils in it which create the most amazing scent. This shampoo bar has added shine and softness to my hair, I colour my hair quite regularly and im always either curling or straightening it so its easy for my hair to get damaged and feel dry. Since using this product my hair has never felt healthier looked shinier or felt softer. The bar produces so much lather but it rinses out very easily and the scent stays with you. I have fine hair which means its not really really thick but there is a lot of it so sometimes my hair can get a little out of control, this bar has made my hair a lot more manageable and given it some bounce, this product is definitely worth a try.