Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Cocoa Brown self tanner review


I am a regular user of fake tan, because I'm so naturally pale I could give Edward Cullen a run for his money. I have used a lot of different fake tans but the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter is definitely my tried and true!!. 

The two self tanners I picked up were the "Gentle Bronze" gradual tan and the " 1 hour tan mousse, dark"  Both of these products are perfect for when you want a fast tan. If I have a night out planned the night before I apply the self tan mousse, I use the dark one because I'm so pale the medium one doesn't really show up on me. You can shower it off after an hour but I like to wear it over night and shower it off in the morning. I am obsessed with this tan, it's the best self tanner I've ever used, the colour is so natural and it makes my skin feel smooth and silky. The best part about this tan is that it stayed on for like 9 days without fading. So if you haven't bought it run to Superdrug and pick yourself up a bottle... Or 100!!

For days when it's hot and I don't have any tan on and I'm wearing an outfit that exposes my milk bottle legs, the gentle bronze is my gift sent from heaven!! It's super moisturising and it doesn't have that fake tan smell, it sort of smells like a dove body lotion. I love this tan because it's perfect for when you're in a rush and need to get out the door, it takes seconds to apply and it covers so evenly. It gives me that gentle bronzed healthy glow. I recommend you use a self tanning mit when applying the self tanners but if you prefer to use your hands be sure to wash them straight after your done putting on the tan.

Thank you Marissa Carter for creating the best self tanner on the high street!!!!!


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Leaving school, RUBY ROSE, fathers day, the YuLin festival and my new hair!!!!

So for some of us college/uni is done for the summer and it's time to come home to our boring hometowns and make small awkward chat with people from school who you bump into on the street who honestly you never really liked in the first place. But for others who have just finished the last of their highers and are away to prom there is a whole other journey ahead after the summer. For people like me who are just home for three months to get a job and earn some money before they can jet back off to the big cities they were living in, the people a year younger than us are getting ready to move out and be considered "adults" for the first time in their lives. The high school proms in my area were a few days ago and my Facebook newsfeed is clogged with all the prom photo's. The only thing that has really struck my attention is the new prom "dress" trend. I have seen a lot of girls wearing two pieces to prom (a crop top and a long skirt) call me old fashioned but that just doesn't seem "promy" to me. Looking at all the photo's on Facebook and Instagram made me realise that it's actually been a whole year since I left school, moved to Glasgow and became a "responsible adult" . Hopefully I'm not the only one that barely remembers their prom but I do remember high school - the prefect lounge, the endless free periods and of course PIZZINI'S ( pizza paninis). I personally hated high school and if you don't believe me you can check my year book comment because that's exactly what I said in it "personally I hated high school". I remember the end of prom when Mr Jamison got up on stage and sang a song with the band, and then when the music stopped everyone started hugging and crying... Me? Of course not, I picked up my shoes (that came off 2 hours previously) grabbed my pal Charlie and we headed for the exit. I wouldn't do prom all over again because personally I couldn't handle the hangover during an 11 hour shift at work again. I hold amazing memories with special people and that's all I really need.

I'm presuming everyone has caught up on OITNB season 3 and if not pull yourself together girl and get yourself a Netflix account. I finished the third series within a number of days because I have no life and netflix is all I know, so we MUST talk about our new rising star Ruby Rose... Actually I don't have that much to say about her apart from the fact that she makes me question my sexuality. 
This week I signed a petition to stop the YuLin dog eating festival, I don't need to describe what this is as you can see the picture above. I publicly shared this photo on my own Facebook account to get the message around and to also encourage others to sign the petition. I got a fair few likes and a few private messages saying good things etc but I did get one comment saying that there's no need to 

ban it because it's culture just like its culture for us to eat cows. I do see that persons point however the fact that these pets are kidnapped from their families is the main reason I want it stopped, do your research and have your own opinion.
Today was Father's Day, unlike my friends I didn't have a special dad to celebrate, today I celebrated the amazing woman that raised me on her own. I did also thank my "father" for being the sperm donor because that's all he is. Having children doesn't make you a parent, raising them does. 

MY HAIR TRANSFORMATION!!!!! I have probably had nearly every colour of hair under the sun, I'm just so indecisive. I love being bold with my hair, before this transformation the last bold thing i ever did with my hair was dye it purple. After probably under a month of being purple I decided I'd just go black again, I do love having dark hair i've had dyed dark hair since I was 15. For the past two months I have just had this need to go lighter and a few days ago I finally did it. I did this myself by using L,oriel hair dyes its very simple to do!! I've had nice feedback on my pictures on Instagram and the more I look at my hair the more I like it, change is good!! I wonder how long it will last....