Sunday, 28 February 2016

Causal dark glam : brown lips

Hi guys welcome back , so today's post is going to be about this dark glam look. I've been really into brown lips lately I just feel like there is something so glamorous and mysterious about a dark lip. Now before we jump in i'm just going to mention that I don't really plan my blogs, I just sort of sit down in front of all of my make up and see what I feel like doing. For this particular blog I had no idea what I wanted to do with my eyes so I just had a play around with one of my palettes. So yeah that's all for my little ramble at the beginning and for how to achieve the look down below just keep reading!!

So the first thing I did was prime my entire face, including my eyelids and then I just applied some Vaseline onto my lips. Jumping into the eyeshadow part of the look I just used my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.
 So picking up the colour "Faint" which is just this nice brown colour that you are seeing, I just applied this colour onto the outer corners of my lid.
 For the remaining part of my eyelid I picked up the colour "Foxy" which is this bright shadow with some yellowish tones in it, just to make the darker shadow look more dramatic. And finally I just picked up a fluffy brush and blended the shadows just so there were no harsh lines.

For foundation I just used my L'Oreal true match in the colour ivory, and to blend it all out I used a damp beauty blender. For this look I decided to cream contour so I just my Iconic London cream contour kit, along with my B2 cream contour brush by Beau Belle, highlighter was obviously "Golden nights" by revolution.
After that I just filled in my brows and applied some mascara (just my usuals). I applied some false lashes just to give the look some extra drama, the lashes I used were the "7 lash" from MAC cosmetics. And finally for the brown lip I was going to use a liquid lip but instead I just used the Rimmel London exaggerate full colour lip liner in the colour 046 ultimate.
So that is it for this make up look I hope you enjoyed and you give it a try yourself, I don't believe I have anything else to say so until next time I will talk to you guys soon.

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