Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Easy every day make-up!!

Well hello there and welcome back to my page!! Before we start I just want to say sorry for being MIA for over a month, I've just been really busy planning and organising things and it looks like everything is coming together so I have more time to blog.. Probably not as much time as I would usually have because its graded unit time but I will definitely make sure I set some time aside to blog. So as you can see today's look is just going to be a quick and easy make-up routine, so lets get started!!!

So jumping in I began with priming my face and applying lip balm to my lips. Moving onto foundation I just used my usual L'Oreal true match in the shade "ivory" I applied this using a flat foundation brush and then just to be sure everything was blended out properly I used a damp beauty blender.
For contouring I used the BarryM chisel cheeks contour palette. This is a powder contour and its super easy to use and its really good for beginners. The picture isn't that clear so what I did was I applied some of the powder onto my temples, my cheekbones and my jawline. To carve out the contour I used a rose gold contouring brush from Revolution. For highlight I used "Golden Lights" by revolution and for blush I used "Live Pink" from Rimmel.
Now for the eyes!! I am so in love with this eye shadow palette from Revolution, the colours are fantastic and all the palettes are very inexpensive. You can pick these up in your local superdrug!! Please have a look at the Revolution counter on your next superdrug visit!!
I keep meaning to start a youtube channel because sometimes I feel it would be so much easier to explain how i'm doing things but I just never get round to it plus don't you have to be fantastic and video editing? That is not a talent I have. So anyway i'm going to explain this the best I can!! First things first I took the colour at the vey bottom and applied that all over my crease, then picking up the nice pink blush colour in the middle and applied that to my lower lid, then picking up a small blending brush I made sure there was no harsh lines. On the inner corners of my eye I just packed on the lightest colour you can see at the top.
 Finally I just applied some liquid eye liner and mascara, remember you don't need to draw the wing if you don't want to, you don't even need to apply eyeliner at all if you don't want to. Also please feel free to add on some false lashes if you wish!! For brows I just did a natural fill in using the Rimmel "brow this way" gel and powder, you can use whatever you want to fill in your brows though.

At the beginning I had already prepped my lips so they were feeling nice and nourished. So for lip liner I used "Whirl" by mac. For lipstick I used this new sort of sponge pen thing from L'Oreal, it doesn't have a name on it or anything apart from the shade, which is "Silencio 001" here is a picture of what it looks like
And finally for gloss I used one of the new cream glosses by L'Oreal in the colour " girl on top, 001"
So that is it for this every day easy look, I hope you enjoyed and try this look out for yourself as it is suitable for any occasion!! And if you do try this look out you can tag me on instagram, tweet me or send me it on snapchat. I will list all of that information down below. Thanks so much for reading!!

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